Instrument: Metrohm 905 Titrando potentiometric titrator

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The Metrohm 905 Titrando potentiometric titrator is a modular potentiometric titrator for dynamic, monotonic, and set endpoint titrations. The device includes magnetic stirrers, rod stirrers, and a titration stand. It can be connected to various dosing units which include a buret and are attached to the reagent. Operation is carried out by means of a touch-sensitive display or with high-performance PC software. Temperature is measured by a Pt1000 or NTC. Ranges of the outputs are -13 to 20 pH, -1200 to 1200 mV, and -150 to 250 deg. C (Pt1000) or -5 ro 250 deg. C (NTC). Resolutions of the outputs are 0.001 for pH, 0.1 for mV, 0.1 deg. C for temperature. The measuring interval is of 100 ms. Works in conditions from 5 to 45 deg. C and at a maximum of 80 % relative humidity.