Reports and Papers

The page contains links to both historical and current reports.

Warm-Core Rings:

Working Paper: Olson, Donald B., Wiebe, Peter H., "A bibliography of physical, chemical, and biological studies of rings in the world's oceans", 1983, DOI:10.1575/1912/6883,

Barber, Valerie A., Wiebe, Peter H., "Zooplankton biomass and related MOCNESS data for tows taken on the 1981-82 warm-core rings cruises", Technical Report: WHOI-85-3.1985-01, DOI:10.1575/1912/3354,

Craddock, James E., Backus, Richard H., Daher, Mary Ann, "Midwater fish data report for warm-core Gulf Stream rings cruises 1981-1982", Technical Report: WHOI-87-42. 1987-10, DOI:10.1575/1912/6613,

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Working Paper: Evans, Robert H., Baker, Karen S., Brown, O., Smith, Raymond C., Hooker, Stanford B., Olson, Donald B., Warm Core Rings Program Service Office, "Satellite images of warm core ring 82-B sea surface temperature and a chronological record of major physical events affecting ring structure", 1984-01, DOI:10.1575/1912/6873,

Yoshinari Endo, Peter H. Wiebe, Euphausiid distribution, abundance and succession in North Atlantic warm-core ring 82B, Journal of Plankton Research, Volume 27, Issue 2, February 2005, Pages 175–188,