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Knap, A.H., Michaels, A.F., Steinberg, D.K., Bahr, F., Bates, N.R., Bell, S., Countway, P., Close, A.R., Doyle, A.P., Dow, R.L., Howse, F.A., Gundersen, K., Johnson, R.J., Kelly, R., Little, R., Orcutt, K., Parsons, R., Rathburn, C., Sanderson, M. and Stone, S. (1997) BATS Methods Manual, Version 4 Woods Hole, MA, US. U.S. JGOFS Planning Office 136pp. *Chapter 16. Determination of Dissolved Organic Carbon by a High Temperature Combustion/Direct Injection Technique.* Updated by R.Parsons 4/1997, pp. 99-109.
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