Dataset: CTD_Klink_one_meter
Deployment: NBP0103

Processed one meter(decibar) CTD data
Principal Investigator: 
John M. Klinck (Old Dominion University, ODU)
Co-Principal Investigator: 
Eileen E. Hofmann (Old Dominion University, ODU)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Ms Dicky Allison (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)
Deployment Synonyms:
Coordinated Deployments:

CTD profile data from the Southern Ocean

Some variables have been eliminated from the display but are nevertheless available. These variables include: Temperature0, Temperature1, Salinity0 and Salinity1. These variables are reported from the primary (0) and secondary (1) temperature and conductivity sensors.

John Klinck has provided Matlab® routines to use to read and display the data. When you use his routines you'll need to use the data in the format he provided or alter the routines to suit the data format you have. His routines are available in a package or individually.

NBP0103.event.tar.gz and NBP0104.event.tar.gz and NBP0202.event.tar.gz:
These have event files for all hydrographic events as well as separate files for ctd, xctd and xbt events. [NB: This data is also available directly on-line]

NBP0103.ctd.tar.gz and NBP0104.ctd.tar.gz and NBP0202.ctd.tar.gz:
These files have two subdirectories (OneMeter and StdDepth) with ascii files for casts with the resolution indicated by the directory name. The files are ctdxxx.dat where xxx is the cast number, with leading zeros if necessary. The data in these files is self describing. The readctd routine in the matlab package will read these files. The first line in the file tells how many data items in the file (all ctd files have identical structure).

(Package) soglobec.matlab.tar.gz:
This file has 5 subdirectories (Ctd, General, Grid, Oceans, SeaWater) with a bunch of tools for plotting the above ctd data. It uses the oceans and seawater routines that are widely available (but copies are included). There is also a set of routines to convert between lat-lon and a universal transverse mercator mapping that we use for station location. There is a startup.m file in "Ctd" to point to General, Oceans and SeaWater. In "Ctd" is a subdirectory (matlab) with various routines. The routines in the main directory are drivers to make multiple figures. There is documentation of these routines in the files and in the folders.

(Individual routines) soglobec.matlab. Hint: Read routines in "General" first, then go to "Ctd" for startup.m file.

New Hint (6/13/03): There is a new SetupPlots.m file in the "General" m-files folder. "This file chooses stations from the four cruises for the various plots. Since there was so little data from the 0204 cruise, individual lines across the grid were not specified(they may be later). A subset of the stations were chosen that are the "official" casts at each station occupied." J.Klinck

Data and Software provided by:
John M. Klinck
Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography
Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Crittenton Hall
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia 23529

phone: 757 683-6005, fax: 757 683-5550

File updated 01/04/2006; gfh

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