Dataset: SF_adcp_1997
Deployment: SF_buoy_dep5

Georges Bank Southern Flank ADCP 1997 data
Principal Investigator: 
Robert C. Beardsley (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Nancy Copley (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)
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"As part of the U.S. GLOBEC Northwest Atlantic/Georges Bank program, moorings were deployed on Georges Bank as part of the broad-scale survey component to help measure the temporal variability of both physical and biological characteristics on the Bank. The array consisted of a primary mooring site on the Southern Flank which was maintained for the full 5-year duration of the field program, plus secondary moorings, with fewer sensors and of shorter duration, in the well-mixed water on the Crest and in the cod/haddock spawning region on the Northeast Peak. Temperature and conductivity (salinity) were measured at 5-m intervals, ADCP velocity profiles were obtained with 1-m vertical resolution, and bio-optical packages (measuring fluorescence, optical transmission and photosynthetically active radiation) were deployed at 10-m and 40-m depths. Bottom pressure was measured at the Southern Flank site. The buoy design, sensors and mooring configuration is presented and discussed below, and the data obtained is presented and discussed in an accompanying report "U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Long-Term Moored Program: Data Report." (December 2005 WHOI-2005-11; " U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Long-Term Moored Program: Part 1 - Mooring Configuration" by J.D. Irish, S. Kerry, P. Fucile, R.C. Beardsley, J. Lord, and Ken Brink.)

"Long-term moorings were deployed on Georges Bank from the fall of 1994 through the summer of 1999. The Southern Flank site was occupied all years, the Crest just the first and the Northeast Peak the second, fourth and fifth years. Not all depths were occupied by all sensors at all times." (DRAFT REPORT - 27 April 2005, WHOI-2005-XX, "U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Long-Term Moored Program: Part 2 - Yearly Data Summary and Report" J.D. Irish, R.C. Beardsley, M. Caruso, R. Limeburner, and Ken Brink)

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