Project Acronym Start Date End Date
Determination of deep biosphere cell activity and identity utilizing the state of the art low-biomass, single cell techniques developed at JAMSTEC in their class 10,000 clean room Deep biosphere cell activity 2015-03 2015-04
Small Grazers, Multiple Stressors and the Proliferation of Fungal Disease in Marine Plant Ecosystems small grazers facilitating fungal disease 2014-01 2017-03
2018 Hurricane Season: RAPID: Associated Priming of Carbon in the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine System (APES), the Mid-Atlantic Bight and Gulf Stream Gulf Stream Pamlico Sound GSPS 2018-11 2020-10
3D Spatial mapping of the energetic return of 1000 metabolisms within the compositional variation of oceanic crusts near mid-ocean ridges Ridge Metabolism 3D Mapping 2016-05 2018-08
A combined boron isotope, pH microelectrode and pH-sensitive dye approach to constraining acid/base chemistry in the calcifying fluids of corals CoralCalcifyFluid_pH 2014-09 2017-08
A Critical Test of the Nd Paleocirculation Proxy Nd Paleocirculation Proxy 2013-09 2017-08
A cross-site comparison of salt marsh persistence in response to sea-level rise and feedbacks from social adaptations SaltMarshSustain 2015-01 2018-12
A Device for In Situ Calibration of Oxygen Sensors In Situ Cal O2 Sensors 2012-06 2016-05
A framework to characterize inhalant siphon flows of aquatic benthos Inhalant flows 2013-06 2016-05
A Lost City-type hydrothermal system in readily accessible, shallow water Lost City-type hydrothermal system 2012-12 2014-11
A Matter of Life or Death? Assessing the physiological roles of PCD-related genes to stress adaptation in diatoms Diatom PCD genes 2009-09 2013-08
A mechanistic microbial underpinning for the size-reactivity continuum of dissolved organic carbon degradation Microbial DOC Degradation 2017-09 2020-08
A mechanistic understanding of biogeographic patterns and life histories in benthic organisms in advective coastal environments CoastBenthBiogeo 2010-06 2015-05
A mechanistic understanding of the impacts of ocean acidification on the early life stages of marine bivalves Mechanisms of bivalve response to acidification 2010-10 2014-09
A new center for ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry in the geosciences ultrahigh res mass spec
A new marine sediment sample preparation scheme for solution 31P NMR analysis Marine Sediment Analysis 31P NMR
A new tool for ocean carbon cycle and ocean acidification studies Bermuda Biochem Timeseries 2015-06 2019-05
A novel approach for evaluating temporal and spatial changes in trophic structure of the mesopelagic eastern Pacific Sperm Whale SI Ratios 2012-03 2016-02
A phylogenetic and functional understanding of microbial sulfur cycling in oxygen minimum zones OMZ_Sulfur_Cycling 2012-02 2017-01
A power law model of dynamic marine phytoplankton stoichiometry Power_law_model 2018-09 2021-08
A study of the sensitivity of Sub-Antarctic Zone waters to global change SAZ-SENSE
A systems biology approach of diatom response to ocean acidification and climate change diatom response to OA and CC 2009-10 2014-09
A Systems Biology Approach to Characterize Diatom Response to Ocean Acidification and Climate Change OA Diatom Response 2013-07 2016-06
A Tracer Kinetics Approach to the Production Ecology of Oligotrophic Oceans (PRPOOS) PRPOOS Tracer Kinetics 1982-04 1987-07
Acidification of the Coastal Ocean: Are deep waters of the Gulf of Maine already corrosive to pteropods? GoME OA Pteropods 2012-06 2014-06
Acquisition of a laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (LA-ICP-MS) for research in the marine, earth and environmental sciences MRI ICPMS 2014-09 2018-08
Activity and abundance of photoheterotrophs fueled by photochemically-produced substrates PAPI: Photochemistry and Photoheterotroph Interactions 2011-01 2014-12
Activity-based cell-sorting and enrichment of newly synthesized proteins via amino acid tagging and click chemistry Cell-sorting and enrichment 2014-07 2016-10
Adaptable life history strategy of a migratory large predator in response to El Nino and climate change Jumbo Squid El Nino Response 2013-07 2015-06
Adaptation of key N2-fixing cyanobacteria to changing CO2 HiCO2_AdaptCyano 2013-03 2017-02
Adaptations of fish and fishing communities to rapid climate change CC Fishery Adaptations 2014-09 2018-08
Adaptive Capacity, Resilience, and Coral Reef State Shifts in Social-ecological Systems Coral reef fishery 2013-10 2016-09
Adjustment of western Pacific Ocean coral reefs to sea-level rise and ocean warming Coral Reef Adjustment 2017-04 2020-03
Aggregation of Marine Picoplankton Marine Plankton Aggregation 2017-03 2020-02
Alteration of carbon fluxes by intense phytoplankton blooms in a microtidal estuary LYRE 2018-01 2020-12
Alternative carbon fixation strategies in the model organism Thermovibrio ammonificans: A model system to study energy limitation in the deep biosphere Deep Biosphere Energy Limitation 2014-06 2016-05
Amazon iNfluence on the Atlantic: CarbOn export from Nitrogen fixation by DiAtom Symbioses ANACONDAS 2010-01 2012-08
Amino Acid Molecular-Level Stable Isotopic and Enantiomeric Ratios: A New Approach for Understanding Source and Transformation of Organic Nitrogen in the Sea. Compound specific amino acids 2006-09 2011-08
Amundsen Sea Polynya International Research Expedition ASPIRE 2009-08 2012-01
An In-Depth analysis of the subvent biosphere within Okinawa Backarc Basin (IODP 331, Iheya North Hydrothermal Field) sediments Subvent_Biosphere_Sediments 2014-06 2016-05
An Integrated Study of Energy Metabolism, Carbon Fixation, and Colonization Mechanisms in Chemosynthetic Microbial Communities at Deep-Sea Vents Microbial Communities at Deep-Sea Vents 2011-10 2014-09
An integrated theoretical and empirical approach to across-shelf mixing and connectivity of mussel populations MuLTI-2 2013-09 2017-08
An Integrative Approach to Managing the Dewatering of Estuaries DewaterEst 2008-01
An Integrative Investigation of Population Connectivity Using a Coral Reef Fish Elacatinus Dispersal I 2013-03 2017-02
An interdisciplinary approach to elucidating the causes of widespread mangrove die-off Mangrove Die-off 2015-05 2016-04
An Inverse and Forward Global Modeling Synthesis of Noble Gases to Better Quantify Biogeochemical Cycles Noble gas modeling 2011-09 2016-08
An Investigation of the Role of Nutrition in the Coral Calcification Response to Ocean Acidification OA Nutrition and Coral Calcification 2010-10 2013-09
Analysis of Continental Shelf Ecosystems: Food Web Structure and Functional Relations Food Webs and Physical Contexts 2013-03 2016-02
Anammox, denitrification and nitrogen fixation in the Black Sea Anammox Black Sea 2008-03 2011-02
Aplysina Red Band Syndrome: Investigating the etiology, pathogenesis, and ecology of an emerging marine disease Etiology of ARBS sponge disease 2007-11 2011-10
Application of a novel geochemical approach to the alkalinity anomaly method of estimating coral reef calcification rates: implications of ocean acidification Implications of Ocean Acidification 2008-10 2012-09
Application of transcriptomics to investigate organism-environment relationships in marine zooplankton CFINTRANSCRIPT 2010-07 2014-06
Applying O2/Ar, DELTA17O and 222Rn methodologies to constrain organic carbon productivity in the upper ocean of the ETSP NCP and GPP in the ETSP 2010-02 2013-07
Are abundant bacteria more active than rare bacteria in the Sargasso Sea? Active bacteria in surface waters 2008-10 2012-09
Are blue crab declines leading to a trophic cascade and massive loss of U.S. southern marshes? marsh trophic interactions 2011-08 2014-08
Are coral diseases contagious? Contagious coral diseases? 2012-06 2016-05
Are Eastern Tropical Pacific reefs becoming more resilient to ENSO? Response of ETP to ENSO 2014-07 2015-06
Are Feeding and Growth Rates of Planktonic Ciliates Overestimated from Experiments in the Absence of Copepod Predators? ciliate response to predators 2008-08 2013-12
ARLINDO Circulation, A Study of the Indonesian Ocean Circulation and Mixing ARLINDO 1996-06 2000-11
Assessing effects of ecosystem fragmentation using novel metrics of trophic structure ecosytem_fragmentation 2008-03 2013-02
Assessing the Ecophysiological and Biogeochemical Response to Deliberate Nutrient Loading in the Southern California Bight SoCalPlumeEx2012 2012-08 2014-07
Assimilation rates of dissolved organic carbon by photomixotrophic estuarine phytoplankton Photomixotrophy 2013-05 2016-04
Atlantic Meridional Transect programme AMT
Atmospheric Deposition Impacts on Marine Ecosystems ADIMA 2009-02 2015-09
Australian Integrated Marine Observing System Facility-Southern Ocean Time Series IMOS-SOTS
Automated Instrumentation for Chemical Oceanography Based on Sequential Injection Lab-On-valve Technology SI-LOV 2016-08 2019-07
Autotrophic carbon fixation at a shallow-water hydrothermal system: Constraining microbial activity, isotopic and geochemical regimes Hydrothermal Autotrophic Carbon Fixation 2011-08 2011-10
Bacteria as Biosensors of Carbon and Energy Flow in Marine Ecosystems: Quantitative Links Between Substrates, Transcripts, and Metabolism Bacterial DOC Sensor 2019-08 2022-07
Bacterial Interactions Underlying Coral Disease Resistance Coral_disease 2010-06 2014-05
Bacterial Taxa that Control Sulfur Flux from the Ocean to the Atmosphere OceanSulfurFluxBact 2014-01 2018-12
Barriers to cross-shelf coral connectivity in the Florida Keys KeysCoralPopgen 2017-09 2020-08
Basin-scale distribution and activity of deep-sea protists in the North Atlantic Ocean Basin-scale Protists 2008-08 2013-07
Basin-scale genetics of marine zooplankton Plankton Population Genetics 2013-12 2015-11
Benthic Biogeochemical Exchange Dynamics on the Oregon Shelf BBEDOS 2016-09 2019-08
Benthic Dinoflagellate Migration: Occurrence and Processes BenDiM 2007-08 2012-07
Benthic Ecology of Soft Sediments Associated with Hydrothermal Vents Vent Benthos 1984-01 1988-02
Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study BATS 1988-10 2013-08
BErmuda ocean Acidification and COral reef iNvestigation BEACON 2009-10 2012-09
Beyond Cleaning and Symbiosis: Ecology of ‘Ticks of the Sea’ on Coral Reefs Gnathiid isopod ecology
Beyond maternal effects: Transgenerational plasticity in thermal performance ThermalTGP 2011-09 2016-08
Biocomplexity of Aquatic Microbial Systems BAMS 2001-01 2004-12
Biodiversity, connectivity and ecosystem function in organic-rich whale-bone and wood-fall habitats in the deep sea BOWLS 2012-09 2016-08
Bioenergetic influences upon carbon flow in alkaliphilic sulfate-reducing microbial populations with relevance to the subsurface biosphere at the Lost City Hydrothermal Field Carbon flow through SRB 2015-04 2016-03
Biogeochemical and Ecological Impacts of Amphipod Circoviruses in Benthic Habitats Amphipod Circovirus Ecology 2014-06 2017-05
Biogeochemical Impact and Fate of Non-phosphorus Membrane Lipids in the Sargasso Sea SargassoSeaLipids 2010-09 2013-08
Biogeochemical implications of marine phage: Roseophage as a relevant and tractable model Roseophage as a Model 2011-04 2015-12
Biogeochemistry of nitrous oxide cycling in the eastern tropical South Pacific N2O Cycling 2005-01 2006-01
Biogeography of a marine defensive microbial symbiont: relative importance of host defense vs. abiotic factors BiogeogDefensiveSymb 2015-09 2018-04
Biological and Physical Determinants of Euphausiid Aggregation, Behavior, and Interaction with Higher Predators at an Abrupt Topographical Feature in the Gulf of Maine Krill GoME 2010-01 2011-12
Biological Controls on the Ocean C:N:P ratios Biological C:N:P ratios 2011-01 2015-12
Biological response to regime shifts and ENSO events in the Peruvian Humboldt Current ecosystem PCE 2005-09 2009-08
Biologically induced methane oxidation and precipitation of carbonate minerals: An experimental study Deep Sea Geochem CaCO3 2014-05 2014-09
Biology and Ecology of Newly Discovered Diazotrophs in the Open Ocean DIAZOTROPHS 2004-08 2010-08
Biopolymers as carrier phases for selected natural radionuclides (of Th, Pa, Pb, Po, Be) in diatoms and coccolithophores Biopolymers for radionuclides 2014-03 2018-02
Biowatt Experiment: Bioluminescence and Optical Variability of the Sea (Biowatt I) Biowatt I
Biowatt Experiment: Bioluminescence and Optical Variability of the Sea (Biowatt II) Biowatt II 1997-02 1997-11
Blue Water Zone BWZ 2005-09 2008-09
Bodega Ocean Acidification Research BOAR 2009-08 2013-07
Boundary Sources and Sinks of 230Th, 232Th and 231Pa in the NW Pacific Sources-Sinks Th-Pa 2010-09 2013-08
Brine Discharge From Desalination Plants - Impacts On Coastal Ecology, Public Perception, and Public Policy Effluent Impacts on Coastal Ecology 2013-09 2016-08