Dataset: CTD_fv
Deployment: SC9802

Fishing vessel CTD data, Gulf of Maine, 1998
Co-Principal Investigator: 
Frank Bub (University of New Hampshire, UNH/OPAL)
Ann Bucklin (University of New Hampshire, UNH/OPAL)
James P. Manning (Northeast Fisheries Science Center - Woods Hole, NOAA NEFSC)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Ms Dicky Allison (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)

The UNH SeaBird SBE-25 SeaLogger measures:


  • Temperature (degrees C) with a SeaBird SBE-3F.
  • Conductivity (Siemens/m) with a SeaBird SBE-4C.
  • Pressure (decibars) with a SBE 29 strain gage sensor.
  • Percent light transmission with a Wet Labs CST-126R transmissometer across a 25 cm distance at the red light wavelength 660 nm. Data are presented as a percentage relative to pure water.
  • Chlorophyll concentration in micrograms/liter with a Wet Labs WETStar Fluorometer model 9607003.
  • PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) with a Biospherical QPS-200PD which observes an upper hemispherical total irradiance in quanta/sq-cm/sec.
  • Dissolved oxygen with a SBE-23Y (Yellow Springs Instrument) in milliliters/liter.

During a cast, sensors are flushed with a SBE-5T pump at approximately 25 ml/s. The system samples and stores all data at 8 Hz (8 samples/ second). Profiling rates should be 20 meters/minute for an average of 24 samples/1 m pressure level. Normally only the downcasts are analyzed (unless a problem is noted). Sensors are factory calibrated annually.

Derived data are calculated using Matlab and/or UNH algorithms developed in accordance with standards prescribed by Fofonoff and Millard, 1983.

For additional information about the SC9801 cruise see the NOAA Coastal Ocean Program Progress Report

Additional data processing notes were provided by the contributor. Note: These notes reflect the CTD processing steps for data collected during the UNH CONVEX progam. However, they are indicative of the processing performed on the data reported here. Parameter names have been changed to agree with GLOBEC requirements.

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