Dataset: Niskin bottle samples
Deployment: WB0413

Niskin bottle and CTD data; nutrients, oxygen, DIC, POC, PON
Principal Investigator: 
Nicholas Bates (Bermuda Biological Station for Research, BBSR)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Cynthia L. Chandler (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)
Current State: 
Final no updates expected
15 October 2007
Deployment Synonyms:
 EDT2 2004 Transect 2
Version Date: 
 PI:              Nick Bates
 of:              Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR)
 dataset:         Niskin bottle and CTD data; nutrients, oxygen, DIC, POC, PON
 platform:        R/V Weatherbird II
 Methodology: see Chapter 3: CTD & Related Measurements in U.S. JGOFS BATS  
    Method Manual Version 4 (1997).  Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study April 1997. 
    Anthony H. Knap, Anthony F. Michaels et al., 136 pp.
    (link to BATS Method Manual version 4 local copy)
 OCB DMO Note: Longitude changed to negative values indicating West;
    depth_n estimated, surface at 1 meter;  Niskin_id (90409##nn) split 
    into sta '##' and Nis bottle number 'nn'.  HPLC from original datafile 
    not included because newer HPLC pigment data are already in database; 
    all data are from primary sensors; event number is taken from cruise 
    event log, and DMO added bot numbers to support data integration
 PI note: All bottle fires included; most include sampling data. Level 
    of Detection (LOD) not imposed for nutrient data. Typical methodology 
    suggests LOD's of ~ 0.03 umol/kg for NO3+NO2 and SRP. No sample, 
    Missing or bad data set to nd. Fluometric analysis for chl_a and 
    Phaeo using 500ml sample were performed by BIOS BBOP lab.
    Analysis Note: files listing SiO4 data from the sample rerun:
    WB Silicate reruns

 Caution:  this data set is considered final, but it is unknown whether 
    the CTD data have had any post-cruise calibrations applied.
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