Dataset: NH10_uv6hr
Deployment: NH10

ADCP data from the Long-Term Observation Program (LTOP) NH10 Mooring
Principal Investigator: 
Mike Kosro (Oregon State University, OSU-CEOAS)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Ms Dicky Allison (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)

ADCP U.S. GLOBEC Long-Term Observation Program (LTOP) NH10 Mooring

A long-term mooring site on the Oregon shelf (44.6467N -124.3067E) was established in August 1997 and maintained with few gaps through December 2004 with U.S. GLOBEC funding. The mooring is at 81 m water depth, near the historical Newport Hydrographic Line. The nearest standard NH line station is NH10 (10 nautical miles off shore), so this mooring is referred to as Mooring NH10.

Upward looking acoustic Doppler current profilers have been used to measure vertical profiles of water velocity (insert actual sample interval here) at 2 or 4 m vertical intervals depending on instrument. The mooring is serviced in spring and fall: winter deployments generally use a Sontek 250 kHz profiler with 4 m vertical resolution; summer deployments use a Sontek 500 kHz profiler with 2 m resolution. There are a few data gaps.

Currents are processed using a cosine-Lanczos filter with a 40-hr half-power point. Six-hourly data included here are Eastward (u) and Northward (v) velocities in cm/s interpolated to 2 m depth bins.

The data were collected by Mike Kosro, 104 COAS Admin Bldg, COAS, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331-5503 (; Phone: 541-737-3079).

For further details about sampling/processing, see:

Kosro, M. 2003. Enhanced southward flow over the Oregon shelf in 2002: A conduit for subarctic water. Geophysical Research Letters, 30 (15), 8023, doi:10.1029/2003GL017436

Last modified: March 26, 2006

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