Dataset: Effect of lionfish in standardized habitat units in seagrass
Deployment: Eleuthera_Reef_Surveys_2012

Effect of lionfish presence on native fish abundance in standardized habitat units.
Principal Investigator: 
Mark Hixon (University of Hawaii)
Cassandra E. Benkwitt (Oregon State University, OSU)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Hannah Ake (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)
Current State: 
Final no updates expected
Version Date: 

This field experiment was conducted on coral patch reefs to test for the effect of lionfish presence on native fish abundance both on main reefs where lionfish resided and in habitats surrounding the main reefs (satellite coral heads, open areas, and standardized habitat units [SHUs]). The experiment used 16 main reefs which were manipulated so that 8 reefs had few lionfish present (low lionfish treatment) and 8 had lionfish present at naturally-observed densities (high lionfish treatment). Complete censuses of the native prey fish populations on each reef and in the surrounding habitats were conducted weekly for 7 weeks during the summer recruitment season.

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