Parameter: sample_GEOTRC

Master parameters information
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 sample identification
Official Name:
No Data Value:

unique sample identification or number; any combination of alpha numeric characters; precise definition is file dependent

Dataset-parameters information
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Unique identifying number for US GEOTRACES samples; ranges from 5033 to 6078 for KN199-04 and from 6112 to 8148 for KN204-01. PI-supplied values were identical to those in the intermediate US GEOTRACES master file Originally submitted as 'sample'; this parameter name has been changed to conform to BCO-DMO's GEOTRACES naming conventions.

Sample numbers from station 1 with 0 depth, were collected with WHOI's GEOTRACES pump and samples for stations > 1 from depth = 0, were collected with NASA's surface peristaltic pump. Samples with a GEOTRACES sample number also had pigment samples collected, missing sample numbers (nd) did not.