Parameter: TEP_Std

Master parameters information
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Short Description:
 Transparent Exopolymer Particles
Official Name:
 Transparent Exopolymer Particles
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Transparent Exopolymer Particles (TEP): A class of particulate acidic polysaccharides, which are large, transparent organic particles, and commonly found in seawater, surface water, and wastewater.

Operationally TEP are defined as transparent particles that are formed from acid polysaccharides and are stainable with alcian blue (Alldredge, Passow & Logan, 1993)

Units include:

  • picograms xanthan gum equivalents per cell (pg GXeq. per cell)
  • micrograms xanthan gum equivalents per milliliter (ug XG mL-1)
Dataset-parameters information
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ug Gxeq/L
Conversion Necessary: 
No Data Value: 

TEP StdDev in ug of Gxeq (xanthan gum equivalent) per liter.
This is an absorbance equivalence.