Parameter: Krsat

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 no standard parameter
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association with a community-wide standard parameter is not yet defined

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unitless (percent)
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Saturation anomaly of Kr in percent. 0% indicates that the Kr concentration is equal to that expected at equilibrium for the potential temperature and salinity of the water. ie. Krsat = (Kr/Kreq - 1) *100 Kr saturation anomaly is calculated relative to the solubility curve of Weiss, R.F., and T.K. Kyser (1978) "Solubility of Krypton in Water and Seawater", Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 23(1), 69-72. These saturation anomaly values are from individual samples. Where a duplicate from the same Niskin was collected and analyzed, the duplicate's value is listed in the second column with the same label appended with "2".