Parameter: Kr_Arsat

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 no standard parameter
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association with a community-wide standard parameter is not yet defined

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unitless (percent)
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Saturation anomaly of Kr/Ar ratio in percent. 0% indicates that the Kr/Ar ratio is equal to that expected at equilibrium for the potential temperature and salinity of the water, ie. Kr/Arsat = ((Kr/Ar) / (Kreq/Areq) - 1) * 100. Kr/Ar saturation anomaly is calculated relative to the Ne solubility curve of Hamme, R.C., S.R. Emerson (2004) "The solubility of neon, nitrogen and argon in distilled water and seawater", Deep-Sea Research I, 51(11), p. 1517-1528 and the Kr solubility curve of Weiss, R.F., and T.K. Kyser (1978) "Solubility of Krypton in Water and Seawater", Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 23(1), 69-72. These saturation anomaly values are from individual samples. Where a duplicate from the same Niskin was collected and analyzed, the duplicate's value is listed in the second column with the same label appended with "2".