Deployment: PAC_2011-26

Chief Scientist: 
Marie Robert (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Region, DFO MPO)
Platform Type:
Start Date: 
End Date: 
Eastern sub-Arctic Pacific, 48 deg 34 min N to 50 deg 00 min N, 125 deg 30 min W to 145 deg 00 min W

Cruise Description

This cruise was 100% successful. All stations were visited, all casts were done, and we even managed to deploy an Argo float 103 nautical miles west of Papa, float that we tried to deploy for about two years now. We recovered the NOAA mooring PA-004 and deployed PA-005 near Station Papa. We also performed a Drifting Sediment Trap experiment. Water was collected at P4 and P26 for background Cesium-137 profiles following the Yukushima tsunami. On the return leg from Station Papa we recovered an Iridium float for University of Washington about 46 nautical miles NNW of Station P23. We also sampled in the centre of an eddy and performed a live net tow on the edge of the eddy. The sampling done during this cruise was performed using a CTD, a Rosette, some X-Niskins, a Bongo, a Multiple Plankton Sampler and a Live Reeve net.