Deployment: PC2012plus

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Continental shelf, North Carolina to Nova Scotia; Georges Bank; Gulf of Maine

This 'deployment' is a collection of locations that are the NOAA bottom trawl surveys of Fall, 2012 and Spring, 2013.

The 'deployment' includes:

2012 Fall Bottom Trawl Survey:

NOAA ship Pisces.

2013 Spring Bottom Trawl Survey:

NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow (R-225)
Cruise No. HB 13-01 (Parts I - IV)

The HB 13-01 Bottom Trawl Survey was conducted in four parts from 4 March to 9 May 2013:
part I was from 4 - 5 March and 14 - 26 March; part II, 26 March - 5 April; part III, 9 - 26
April; part IV, 30 April - 9 May. The area of operation was the continental shelf from Cape
Lookout, NC, to the Nova Scotia Shelf, including Georges Bank and the Gulf of Maine. Station