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Deployment: KN192-05

Chief Scientist: 
Mak A. Saito (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI)
Platform Type:
Start Date: 
End Date: 
South Atlantic subtropical gyre and Benguela upwelling region

The South Atlantic subtropical gyre and Benguela Upwelling region were sampled for chemistry and biological properties relating to the trace metal nutrition and phytoplankton diversity and productivity. Specifically cobalt and iron dissolved seawater concentrations will be measured and related to the abundance of cyanobacteria including nitrogen fixers and eukaryotic phytoplankton. The phytoplankton of the Benguela Upwelling region were also examined to determine if their growth was iron or cobalt limited. A total of 27 station locations were occupied in the study area to collect the water chemistry and biological samples for these analyses (see cruise track). Iron and cobalt analyses will be conducted using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and cathodic stripping voltammetry electrochemical methods. The sample preparation and subsequent analyses are technically demanding, but data generated from the cruise samples are being contributed beginning in mid 2009.

The CoFeMUG KN192-5 cruise was supported by NSF OCE award # 0452883

A station map showing the 27 sampling locations is available as a PDF file.

Original cruise data are available from the NSF R2R data catalog

CoFeMUG - South Atlantic 2007 Cruise Participant List

1. Mak Saito (Chief Scientist/WHOI)
2. Abigail Noble (Saito/WHOI)
3. Alysia Cox (Saito/WHOI)
4. Whitney Krey (Delong/Saito/MIT/WHOI)
5. Carl Lamborg (clamborg AT
6. Phoebe Lam (pjlam AT WHOI)
7. Chad Hammerschmidt (chammerschmidt AT, Wright State)
8. Caitlin Frame (cframe AT, WHOI/Casciotti Student)
9. Tyler Goepfert (tgoepfert AT Webb/Saito)
10. Jill Sohm (sohm AT
11. Maria Intermaggio
12. Jack DiTullio (leep AT U. Charleston)
13. Peter Lee (DiTullio U. Charleston)
14. Sarah Riseman (DiTullio U. Charleston)
15. Amanda McLenan (amanda.mclennon AT, DiTullio U. Charleston)
16. Mike Seracki (Bigelow)
17. Nicole Poulton (Bigelow)
18. Juan Alba, juanalba AT (Bigelow)
19. Jane Heywood (Bigelow)
20. Gabrielle Rocap (rocap AT, U. Washington)
21. Emily Nahas (enahas AT
22. Michele Wrable (mlw22 AT
23. Bob Morris (rmorris AT
24. Christian Frazar (Chris, U. Washington, Morris lab)
25. Jason Hilton (Zehr, UCSC)
26. Reserved for Angolan Observers
27. Reserved for Angolan Observers

Collecting GEOTRACES-compliant samples for:

1. Laura Robinson (Pa Th isotopes)
2. Bob Anderson (Pa Th isotopes - intercalibration)
3. Olivier Rouxel (Se and Fe isotopes)
4. Karen Casciotti (N isotopes)
5. Ben Reynolds (Si and Fe isotopes)
6. Chris Measures (Al)
7. Kristin Buck (FeL)