Deployment: AKES-2

Chief Scientist: 
Dr Webjørn Melle (Institute of Marine Research (Bergen, Norway), IMR)
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Start Date: 
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From Cape Town, South-Africa to survey the Southern Ocean along two transects, to and from Astridryggen, including finer mapping around Bouvetøya and experimental work on krill (AKES). AKES (Antarctic Krill and Ecosystem Studies) is IMR's project to investigate target strength of krill (Euphausia superba) and mackerel ice fish (Champsocephalus gunnari), and the abundance of pelagic fish and squid in the Bouvetøy area.
The main objectives are:
- to evaluate the links between the krill resources and distribution in the area and Bouvetøya based mammals and birds
- to study krill biology and ecology
- to establish TS (Target strength; the ability of an organism to reflect sound) for krill and ice fish
- to study aggregations of krill, fish and plankton relative to the hydrography
- to compare aggregations and abundance of krill and plankton relative to hydrography in Antarctica and Nordic Seas
- stomach contents and feeding behavior of krill and fish.