Deployment: PWZ04C

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Los Angeles, CA to Auckland, New Zealand

In 2004, PMEL installed an underway pCO2 system on the container ship Columbus Waikato to monitor atmospheric and surface water CO2 concentrations as the ship traversed the Pacific Ocean from the western united states to New Zealand. In the time period between Feb 2004 and Feb 2006, 13 data sets were along this ship track.

In March, 2006, the ship changed it’s route to as well as it’s name. The ship is now the Cap Victor.

More information: Columbus Waikato/Cap Victor Master Readme File (Obtained from and converted to PDF)

Note that PMEL did not collect data on this cruise, however, data were collected as part of the project "Time-Series Measurements of the 13C/12C of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon".