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Deployment: KOK1619

Chief Scientist: 
E. Brendan Roark (Texas A&M University, TAMU)
Co-Chief Scientist: 
Amy Baco-Taylor (Florida State University, FSU - EOAS)
Platform Type:
Start Date: 
End Date: 
Northwest Hawaiian Islands 22°N 160°W to 35°N 170°E

Will perform Hawai’i Undersea Research Laboratory Pisces IV and Pisces V submersible dives to collect deep-sea coral beds in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) and the Emperor Seamount Chain (ESC). Also did CTD cast to characterize the water column and collected water samples for radiocarbon, nutrient, total alkalinity, and trace element analyses. Recovered and deployed a deep-sea coral lander with ADCP and CTD.

Will be submitting the following files as they are completed:
1) Event log
2) Cruise report
3) CTD data
4) Bottle data
5) Relevant Pisces IV and Pisces V submersible data