Instrument: Multi-Variate Moored System

 Multi-Variate Mooring
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The Multi-Variate Moored Systems deployed during the US JGOFS EqPac Process Study was a package of integrated meteorological instruments. The Multi-Variate Moored System included instruments for measuring bio-optical and physical variables including water temperature, current direction and velocity, PAR, Lu683 (upwelling radiance, chlorophyll a fluorescence), and salinity. Instrumentation included: (1) a vector measuring current meter (VMCM; EG&G; Weller and Davis, 1980); (2) a fluorometer measuring strobe-stimulated fluorescence (Sea Tech; Bartz et al., 1988); (3) a transmissometer measuring beam transmission at 660 nm (Sea Tech; Bartz et al., 1978); (4) a sensor measuring scalar irradiance or photosynthetic available radiation, PAR, (E-PAR) in the visible waveband (400 < 700 nm, in vacua; Biospherical Instruments, QSP-200; Booth, 1976); (5) a sensor for measuring downwelled vector irradiance at 488 nm (Ed(488); Biospherical Instruments, QCP-200); (6) a sensor for measuring upwelled radiance at 683 nm (Lu683); Biospherical Instruments MRP-200); (7) a dissolved oxygen sensor (ENDECO, Inc.) and thermistors for measuring temperature. (Dickey et al. 1993 and Foley et al. 1997).

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