Instrument: Submersible Incubation Device-In Situ Microbial Sampler

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The Submersible Incubation Device-In Situ Microbial Sampler (SID-ISMS) system was developed for the 2011 NSF funded DHAB Metazoans Mediterranean Brine research project and first used on cruise AT18-14. The system includes several integrated components including: a 2 liter incubation chamber; fixation filters and water sample bottles; a High Range CTD (Neil Brown Ocean Sensors, Inc., USA) equipped with two turbidity sensors (Wet Labs ECOView); an Aanderra 2808F oxygen optode; an SDSL-data link; and a sonardyne beacon, a pinger and a 24 volt deep-sea battery. The sensors and sampling devices are mounted on a frame that is attached to the hydro-wire. Lowering rate and recovery speed are controlled by a winch mounted on the surface vessel.