Instrument: Satlantic Hyperspectral Surface Acquisition System Radiometer

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The Satlantic Hyperspectral Surface Acquisition System (HyperSAS) radiometer is an above-water optical sensing system designed to provide continuous ocean color measurements over the spectral range 350-800 nm. The HyperSAS can be mounted on ships and fixed platforms, or on aircrafts for remote sensing surveys. The standard configuration of the system includes one irradiance sensor to measure downwelling irradiance, and two hyperspectral radiance sensors to capture the sea surface signal. The irradiance sensor response is proportional to the cosine of the angle of incidence of the incoming radiation, while each radiance sensor has a 3 deg field of view (FOV). The orientation precision, geo-referencing and time-stamp accuracy may be improved by mounting an optional GPS unit with Satlantic tilt and heading sensor. Moreover, a radiation pyrometer may also be added to measure land or sea surface temperature.