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Instrument: WETLabs ECO FLBB scattering fluorescence sensor

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A dual-optical-sensor that carries a single-wavelength chlorophyll fluorometer (470nm ex/695nm em) and backscattering sensor (700 nm) that measures phytoplankton and particle concentration. It operates by using blue (470nm) and red (700 nm) LEDs that alternately flash. The blue LED stimulates chlorophyll fluorescence in plants while the red light illuminates the total particle field. The backscattering sensor has an in-water centroid angle of 142 degrees and can be calibrated to measure turbidity. The fluorometer can typically measure phytoplankton concentrations in the range 0-30 ug/l, with a sensitivity of 0.015 ug/l. The backscattering sensor can measure within the range 0-3 m-1, with a sensitivity of 0.0015 m-1. The instrument output in the standard version is digital and uses a low power mode and stores data. Other variants are used. The instrument is rated to a depth of 600m as standard, with the options of deeper instruments rated up to 6000m and instruments with bio-wipers, rated to 300 m.

This instrument comes in the following optional models: FLbb(RT), FLbb(RT)D, FLbbB, FLbbS, FLbbBS, FLbb2k. Refer to the datasheet from the manufacturer: