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Instrument: Nortek Signature 100 Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

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A long-range current profiler designed for combined current profile and biomass measurements. The Signature100 combines a four-beam current profiler operating at 100 kHz with an optional scientific echosounder. Applications include providing insight into the dynamics of zooplankton, krill or schools of fish; current profiling; providing insight into small-scale physical processes; and upwelling and downwelling studies. The instrument is suitable for buoy mounting with internal attitude and heading reference system (AHRS). Optional centre beam with 70-120 kHz Both the current profiler and the biomass measurements have an effective range of 300-400 m. The echosounder has a velocity resolution of 0.1 cm/s, a maximum sampling rate of 1 Hz (1/2 Hz at max output power), and a standard range of 0-1500 m.