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Instrument: Metrohm 805 Dosimat

 Metrohm 805
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The Metrohm 805 Dosimat is a dispensing instrument for titrating and dosing operations in the laboratory. The 805 Dosimat is controlled by Touch control or PC control software. The instrument controls the dosing of liquids, which are attached via an exchange unit. Metrohm recommends using the Metrohm 806 Exchange units which come with 1, 5, 10, 20, or 50 milliliter (mL) dosing cylinders. The instrument can read and overwrite data from the exchange unit. It has a resolution of 20,000 steps per cylinder volume and a dosing/filling time of 18 seconds.

The 805 Dosimat and the corresponding 806 Exchange Unit are suitable as a buret not only for simply dosing auxiliary solutions but also for titrations. Additional information is available from the instrument manufacturer: