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Instrument: Nortek Aquadopp Doppler current profiler

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A family of self-contained Doppler current profilers, Nortek Aquadopp Profilers are often referred to as AquaPro instruments. They are designed for deployment on the seabed, moorings, buoys or fixed structures. They can feature a range of transducers - 400 kHz (60-90m range: 2-8m cell size), 600 kHz (30-40m range: 1-4m cell size), Z-cell 600 kHz, 1 MHz (12-25m range: 0.3-4m cell size), Z-cell 1MHz, 2 MHz (4-10m range:0.1-2m cell size) and side-looking. Each transducer has 3 beams and the instrument has a maximum of 128 cells. Current speeds up to 10 m/s may be measured at an accuracy of 1% of measured value ±0.5cm/s. The standard depth rating is 300 m with 3000 m or 600m versions available. Temperature (embedded thermistor with 0.1C accuracy and 0.01C resolution), compass (magnetometer with 2 degrees accuracy and 0.1 degree resolution providing tilt <20 degrees), tilt (liquid level with 0.2 degree accuracy and 0.1 degree resolution) and pressure (piezo resistive with accuracy of 0.5% full scale - usually 100m - and resolution of 0.005% full scale) sensors are provided as standard.