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Instrument: Dual Frequency Identification Sonar (DIDSON 3000m)

 DIDSON 3000
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The Sound Metrics DIDSON 3000 (Dual-Frequency Identification Sonar) multibeam imaging sonar is an acoustic camera that provides almost video-quality images in turbid or dark water where optical systems are ineffective. DIDSON uses acoustic lenses to focus beams and form an acoustic image on the transducer array. DIDSON forms images differently than an optical camera. DIDSON sends out short acoustic pulses in 48 or 96 acoustic beams. These beams are very narrow in the horizontal dimension (0.3° to 0.8°) and wide in the vertical dimension (14°). The beams are adjacent to each other and together form a field-of-view 29° horizontal and 14° vertical. The Didson 3000 is rated to a depth of 3000 meters. It has both Detection and Identification modes. The max frame rate (window length dependent) is 4-21 frames per second.