Dataset: Geltrap micrographs
Deployment: EN581

Images of particles collected in sediment traps for quantitative analysis
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Principal Investigator: 
Colleen Durkin (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, MLML)
Co-Principal Investigator: 
Margaret L. Estapa (Skidmore College)
Melissa Omand (University of Rhode Island, URI-GSO)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Mathew Biddle (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)
Current State: 
Preliminary and in progress
Version Date: 

Samples were collected at the New England shelf break aboard the R/V Endeavor on 3-7 November 2017 (EN572) and 13-18 June 2016 (EN581) and on a transit between Honolulu, Hawaii and Portland, Oregon aboard the R/V Falkor between 24 January-20 February, 2017 (FK170124).  Sediment trap collector tubes were deployed on various platform designs, including a neutrally-buoyant sediment trap (NBST), a surface tethered sediment trap (STST), and a Wire Walker (WW) trap.   The location, time, duration, depth, and collection types from each trap deployment are listed in Trap Deployment Log.

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