Parameter: Chlorophyll_a

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 chlorophyll a
Official Name:
 chlorophyll a
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Total chlorophyll a pigment. See dataset for units of measurement; often reported in: milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3); micrograms/liter (ug/L); nanograms/liter (ng/L).

CAUTION Within JGOFS MERGED water column products: this parameter is derived from HPLC methodology and the units are nanograms/liter; however; this parameter name is also used for a variety of water and nonwater column sampling; derived via the fluorometric method; units will also vary.

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RFU (relative fluorescence units)
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$PSFLX Chlorophyll-a Turner C3 Fluorometer Bio Chem Lab (RFU - relative fluorescence units

# Notes:
1) A new Turner C3 Fluorometer was installed in the Bio Chem Lab at the beginning of HLY1101. The parameters measured from this instrument are Chlorophyll-a, Phycoerythrin and CDOM. The quality of this data is unknown at this time. Rather large jumps in values were noted for Chlorophyll-a as if the instrument was adjusting the scale automatically. This was observed mostly in the early part of the cruise. It is unknown at this time the reasons for these jumps.