Parameter: chl_corr

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 chlorophyll a
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 chlorophyll a
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Total chlorophyll a pigment. See dataset for units of measurement; often reported in: milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3); micrograms/liter (ug/L); nanograms/liter (ng/L).

CAUTION Within JGOFS MERGED water column products: this parameter is derived from HPLC methodology and the units are nanograms/liter; however; this parameter name is also used for a variety of water and nonwater column sampling; derived via the fluorometric method; units will also vary.

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Corrected chlorophyll-a; The fluorometric chlorophyll-a values derived above were further corrected by removing the deep-water dependence of chlorophyll fluorescence on fluorescent colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM; see below) and a small residual deep-water sensor offset. The method of Xing et al. (2017) was applied. Briefly chlorophyll fluorescence in deep water was assumed to originate entirely from a combination of the above factors the dependence of the measured chlorophyll fluorescence on CDOM was determined through linear regression and the regression parameters were used to correct the entire chlorophyll profile. Profiles shallower than 200 m were corrected using the regression parameters of the subsequent float profile.