Parameter: POC_bbp

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 particulate organic Carbon (POC)
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Particulate Organic Carbon. Units may be micrograms/Liter, milligrams/Liter or milligrams/meter^3

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mg/meters cubed
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Particulate organic carbon derived from bbp (700 nm); The relationship between corrected bbp(700 nm) measured by the float backscatter sensor (bbp700_corr derived above) and POC concentrations measured in bottle samples collected during concurrent Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study cruises (available at or was utilized to predict POC concentration from corrected bbp(700 nm) for all float samples.

Linear regression yields the relationship:

POC [mg/m3] = bbp(700 nm) [m-1] * 32020.0874 + 0.2973; R2 = 0.86.

See for bottle calibration data.