Parameter: YSI_Instrument

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instrument used to collect or process data, definition is specific to the data set in which it appears

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The model of the YSI multiparameter used to collect the depth/water temperature/water salinity. A YSI 6920 V2 (YSI Inc. / Xylem Inc.; Yellow Springs OH USA) was used for weekly LTPTS and Fish Trawl Survey samples from October 2018 through September 2019. Data from the LTPTS are available here: ; and 2017 Fish Trawl Survey data are available here: . Fish Trawl Survey data from 2018 - 2019 were acquired from the fish trawl assistant upon request. Surface seawater temperature and salinity were measured using a YSI ProDSS multiparameter meter (YSI Inc. / Xylem Inc. from Yellow Springs OH USA) starting September 2018. Prior to September 2018; a YSI EXO Sonde (YSI Inc. / Xylem Inc. from Yellow Springs OH USA) was used for samples from May 2018 through August 2018 outside of the LTPTS and Fish Trawl Survey.