Parameter: Salinity_surface_psu

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 salinity calculated from CTD primary sensors
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salinity, calculated from the CTD 'primary sensors' of conductivity and temperature, Practical Salinity Scale (PSS-78), dimensionless. Depending on the input source, salinity from the primary sensors can have a variety of names i.e. s0, s00, sal0, sal00.

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Practical Salinity Units (PSU)
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The surface seawater salinity as measured by the YSI instrument indicated; units are practical salinity units (psu). For the YSI ProDSS; salinity was calibrated with a purchased seawater standard from Xylem; Inc. at 50 mS/cm following manufacturer's protocols about every month that the instrument was in active use. Salinity calibration was reported to be steady and reliable for a few weeks. For the other YSI instruments: it was unknown what the calibration protocol was.