Deployment: Hut_Point_2011

Principal Investigator: 
Gretchen E. Hofmann (University of California-Santa Barbara, UCSB-LifeSci)
Coordinated Deployments: 
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Start Date: 
End Date: 
McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

The mooring was suspended from the surface by a steel cable from a wooden hut through a hole in the sea ice. Bottom depth was > 200 m. All sensors were deployed at 20 m depth. The mooring was instrumented with a suite of sensors to record time series of temperature, salinity, pH, and tide. Temperature and salinity were measured using a non-pumped conductivity-temperature (CT) MicroCAT sensor (SBE-37 SM; Sea-Bird Electronics) that sampled at 5-min intervals. pH was measured using an autonomous data logger based on a Honeywell Durafet® pH sensor (Martz et al., 2010) and sampled at 1-hr intervals.