Deployment: Menhaden_Nurseries_Collection

Principal Investigator: 
Dr Cynthia M Jones (Old Dominion University, ODU)
Platform Type:
Start Date: 
End Date: 
Samples were collected from multiple sites along the Eastern Coast of the US

Cruise or Deployment:
Collected by Multiple State Agencies - Connecticut Department of Marine Fisheries, Rhode Island Marine Fisheries, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service, Chris Newsome, National Marine Fisheries Service, North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, and Florida Fish and Wildlife

Samples were collected by multiple boats and from multiple sites in the Thames and Essex Rivers in Connecticut, Hudson River in New York, Delaware Bay in Delaware, Potomac, Patuxent, Choptank and Nanticoke Rivers in Maryland, James River in Virginia, Albemarle Sound in North Carolina and Charleston Harbor in South Carolina.