Deployment: LMG1110

Chief Scientist: 
Ann Bucklin (University of Connecticut, UConn - Avery Point)
Platform Type:
Start Date: 
End Date: 
Southern Ocean

UNOLS STRS record:

The primary science objectives of the cruise are to examine genome-wide patterns of gene expression, target gene expression levels, and patterns of population genetic diversity and structure of the Antarctic salp, Salpa thompsoni in relation to biological and physical environmental parameters in the Western Antarctic Peninsula region. High-frequency acoustics data will be used to provide information about the distribution of salps, krill, and other zooplankton. Sampling from shelf and oceanic waters between 0 and 2,000 meters will take place at selected stations using a 1-meter^2 MOCNESS to characterize the planktonic assemblage, and a Reeve net to collect live material for molecular and biochemical analysis. Environmental parameters to be measured include standard hydrographic variables (temperature, salinity, and depth), as well as fluorescence and turbidity. Water samples will be collected using a CTD rosette to determine chlorophyll concentration.

An additional science objective is to develop a method of using acoustics to assess the abundance and distribution of salps in the Southern Ocean.

Cruise Data Report