Funding Source: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (GBMF)

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Dataset Award Number
biological samples GBMF3007
Bottle Data unknown DIAZOTROPHS Moore
Chile - Glider - Dive Data 1661
Chile - Glider - Surface Data 1661
Chile - Stations 1661
Clone Meta Sequences unknown C-MORE Moore
Clone Metagenom Seq unknown C-MORE Moore
CTD profiles unknown Fukushima Radionuclide Levels Moore
CTD Profiles unknown DIAZOTROPHS Moore
CTD Stations unknown DIAZOTROPHS Moore
Diatom Matrix Mass Spectrometry GBMF5503
Diatom Matrix NMR GBMF5503
Diazo Distribution unknown DIAZOTROPHS Moore
Diel proteomes Trichodesmium IMS101 GBMF3934
Diel_Metatrans unknown C-MORE Moore
Discrete - Surface Samples unknown C-MORE Moore
Dissolved Cobalt GBMF3934
EPR 9 North Plume Particles GBMF1609
EPR 9N Inactive Sulfides GBMF1609
event log unknown Fukushima Radionuclide Levels Moore
Fukushima Radionuclide Iodine 129 levels GBMF3007
Genomic Seq unknown C-MORE Moore
hydrocast Cesium isotopes GBMF3007
Kaneohe Bay RNA virus metagenomes GBMF1799
Lau Basin Bacterial Low Temp Geomicrobiology GBMF1609
Metagenome Profiles - HOT186 unknown C-MORE Moore
Metatranscriptomes - BioLINCS unknown C-MORE Moore
Metatranscriptomes - EDU2010 unknown C-MORE Moore
Metatranscriptomes - HOT179 unknown C-MORE Moore
Moorings - Metadata unknown EAGER Moore
Niskin bottle samples unknown Fukushima Radionuclide Levels Moore
Nutrients and Targeted Proteomics GBMF3934
Oregon - Stations 1661
physical and chemical data GBMF2609
Prochlorococcus_narB GBMF495
Sedtrap Metagenomes unknown C-MORE Moore
Sedtrap Metagenomes 3777
sequence accessions GBMF2609
SH70 SAMI pCO2 unknown EAGER Moore
surface drifters unknown Fukushima Radionuclide Levels Moore
Transcriptomics - BLOOMER unknown C-MORE Moore
Transcriptomics - OPEREX unknown C-MORE Moore
Trichodesmiium field metaproteomes - sample provenance GBMF3934
Trichodesmium field metaproteomes - peptide spectral counts GBMF3934
Trichodesmium field metaproteomes - protein spectral counts GBMF3934
Trichodesmium field metaproteomes - protein spectral counts in alternative format GBMF3934
Trichodesmium field metaproteomes - sequence fasta GBMF3934
Trichodesmium field metaproteomes - single colony metaproteomes GBMF3934
Underway unknown C-MORE Moore
underway Cesium Isotopes GBMF3007
underway radiation monitoring 2724
UVP unknown C-MORE Moore