Funding Source: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (GBMF)

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Dataset Award Number
biological samples GBMF3007
Bottle Data unknown DIAZOTROPHS Moore
Chile - Glider - Dive Data 1661
Chile - Glider - Surface Data 1661
Chile - Stations 1661
Clone Meta Sequences unknown C-MORE Moore
Clone Metagenom Seq unknown C-MORE Moore
CTD profiles unknown Fukushima Radionuclide Levels Moore
CTD Profiles unknown DIAZOTROPHS Moore
CTD Stations unknown DIAZOTROPHS Moore
Diazo Distribution unknown DIAZOTROPHS Moore
Diel proteomes Trichodesmium IMS101 GBMF3934
Diel_Metatrans unknown C-MORE Moore
Discrete - Surface Samples unknown C-MORE Moore
Dissolved Cobalt GBMF3934
EPR 9 North Plume Particles GBMF1609
EPR 9N Inactive Sulfides GBMF1609
event log unknown Fukushima Radionuclide Levels Moore
Fukushima Radionuclide Iodine 129 levels GBMF3007
Genomic Seq unknown C-MORE Moore
hydrocast Cesium isotopes GBMF3007
Kaneohe Bay RNA virus metagenomes GBMF1799
Lau Basin Bacterial Low Temp Geomicrobiology GBMF1609
Metagenome Profiles - HOT186 unknown C-MORE Moore
Metatranscriptomes - BioLINCS unknown C-MORE Moore
Metatranscriptomes - EDU2010 unknown C-MORE Moore
Metatranscriptomes - HOT179 unknown C-MORE Moore
Moorings - Metadata unknown EAGER Moore
Niskin bottle samples unknown Fukushima Radionuclide Levels Moore
Nutrients and Targeted Proteomics GBMF3934
Oregon - Stations 1661
physical and chemical data GBMF2609
Prochlorococcus_narB GBMF495
Sedtrap Metagenomes unknown C-MORE Moore
Sedtrap Metagenomes 3777
sequence accessions GBMF2609
SH70 SAMI pCO2 unknown EAGER Moore
surface drifters unknown Fukushima Radionuclide Levels Moore
Transcriptomics - BLOOMER unknown C-MORE Moore
Transcriptomics - OPEREX unknown C-MORE Moore
Trichodesmiium field metaproteomes - sample provenance GBMF3934
Trichodesmium field metaproteomes - peptide spectral counts GBMF3934
Trichodesmium field metaproteomes - protein spectral counts GBMF3934
Trichodesmium field metaproteomes - protein spectral counts in alternative format GBMF3934
Trichodesmium field metaproteomes - sequence fasta GBMF3934
Trichodesmium field metaproteomes - single colony metaproteomes GBMF3934
Underway unknown C-MORE Moore
underway Cesium Isotopes GBMF3007
underway radiation monitoring 2724
UVP unknown C-MORE Moore