Parameter: biosample_accession

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 NCBI BioSample accession
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The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) BioSample accession number in the BioSample database.

The BioSample database stores descriptive information about the physical biological materials used to generate data submitted to NCBI's primary data archives. Typical examples of a BioSample include a cell line, a tissue biopsy or an environmental isolate. The BioSample database promotes the use of structured and consistent attribute names and values to describe sample properties and provenance. BioSample records are reciprocally linked to data derived from that sample and to the BioProjects in which they participate.

This identifier usually begins with SAMN

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Accession number for a specific sample. Only relevant for the sequencing data uploaded to the NCBI Sequence Read Archive. "Not applicable" = data is not relevant