Instrument: SeaFAST S2 Pico Automated Preconcentration System

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The SeaFAST S2 Pico Automated Preconcentration System is an automated sample introduction system for the analysis of trace elements in seawater and other high matrix samples by ICPMS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry). Three modes of operation are available: fully-automated Direct Mode where the sample is diluted inline; Preconcentration Mode where a chelation column binds rare earth elements and transition metals but allows matrix ions to be rinsed out; and Offline mode. Both Direct and Preconcentration modes reduce procedural blanks associated with offline sample preparation, and Preconcentration mode dramatically improves detection limits by eliminating matrix effects and increasing sensitivity. The system offers detection limits better than 1ppt and operates in less than 8 minutes inline.