DOI: 10.1130/G36147.1

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Seawater chemistry measurements for Porites macrobioerosion experiments collected from reefs from across the Pacific Basin (Coral Reef Ecosystem OA Impact project) Related Research
Porites macrobioerosion study: individual calcification rates, skeleton density, and the volume of borings in the tropical Pacific from 2011-2012 (Coral Reef Ecosystem OA Impact project) Related Research
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DeCarlo, T. M., Cohen, A. L., Barkley, H. C., Cobban, Q., Young, C., Shamberger, K. E., Brainard R.E., Golbuu, Y. (2015). Coral macrobioerosion is accelerated by ocean acidification and nutrients. Geology, 43(1), 7–10. doi:10.1130/g36147.1
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