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Award: OCE-0939564

Award Title: Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI)
Funding Source: 
NSF Division of Ocean Sciences (NSF OCE)
Program Manager: 
NSF Research Results Report: for award 0939564 
Principal Investigator: Katrina J. Edwards (University of Southern California)
Co-Principal Investigator(s): Charles G Wheat, Andrew T Fisher, Julie A Huber, Steven L D'Hondt
Programs funded by this award
Projects funded by this award
Project Data Management Plan
Determination of deep biosphere cell activity and identity utilizing the state of the art low-biomass, single cell techniques developed at JAMSTEC in their class 10,000 clean room DMP_CDEBI_OCE-0939564_Trembath-Reichert.pdf (87.3 KB)
3D Spatial mapping of the energetic return of 1000 metabolisms within the compositional variation of oceanic crusts near mid-ocean ridges
A Lost City-type hydrothermal system in readily accessible, shallow water
A new marine sediment sample preparation scheme for solution 31P NMR analysis
Activity-based cell-sorting and enrichment of newly synthesized proteins via amino acid tagging and click chemistry
Alternative carbon fixation strategies in the model organism Thermovibrio ammonificans: A model system to study energy limitation in the deep biosphere
An In-Depth analysis of the subvent biosphere within Okinawa Backarc Basin (IODP 331, Iheya North Hydrothermal Field) sediments DMP_C-DEBI_OCE-0939564_Brandt.pdf (87.3 KB)
Bioenergetic influences upon carbon flow in alkaliphilic sulfate-reducing microbial populations with relevance to the subsurface biosphere at the Lost City Hydrothermal Field
Biologically induced methane oxidation and precipitation of carbonate minerals: An experimental study
Buried alive: Microbial responses to sediment flux with implications for the deep biosphere
Characterization of subsurface extracellular enzymes and the organisms that produce them using metatranscriptomics and bottom-up metaproteomics C-DEBIDataManagementPlan_2015.pdf (87.3 KB)
Characterizing subseafloor life and environments in the Guaymas Basin
Constraints on microbial biogeography in hydrothermally active sediments of Guaymas Basin: Energetic limits, physical stressors, and upward compression of metabolic zones
Deep phylogenetic and metagenomic analysis of microbial diversity associated with ferromanganese nodules collected from the South Pacific Gyre
Defining the interplay between oxygen, organic carbon, and metabolism in subseafloor sediment communities
Determining the rates of denitrification, nitrification, and nitrogen fixation using natural abundance isotope profiles in North Atlantic sediments
Develop a 1D biogeochemical-evolutionary model for deep sediments DMP_Bradley_LaRowe_OCE-0939564.pdf (87.3 KB)
Development of a Stable Isotope Probing Metagenomics Approach to Elucidate Physiological Traits Associated with Thermophilic Chemolithoautotrophy
Direct Access to the Serpentinite Subsurface: a Biogeochemical Investigation of Fluids to Characterize a Unique Habitat
Discovering pathways for organic matter breakdown in deep subsurface sediments using detailed gene homologue analysis of metagenomes
Edginess in the subsurface: Microbial diversity of deep subseafloor ecotones DMP_OCE-0939564_sub_59209190_Colwell_Thurber.pdf (25.38 KB)
Elucidating the extent and composition of mineral-hosted carbon in the deep biosphere DMP_Estes_Hansel_C-DEBI.pdf (91.5 KB)
Enumeration of microbial cells in sediments from the Mediterranean Sea DMP_Lazar_OCE-0939564.pdf (87.3 KB)
EPR 9 North Plume Particles
Exploring of the Ecological Role(s) of Marine Fungi in the Deep Subseafloor
Functional gene diversity and expression in methane-hydrate bearing deep subsurface sediments
Functional gene diversity and expression in ocean crust microbial communities
Functional potential of the uncultivated Candidate Phylum OP9 from deep Antarctic marine sediments using single cell genome techniques
Genetic diversity and distribution of microbes colonizing igneous minerals and glasses incubated in IODP Hole 1301A on the eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge
Genomic analyses and microbial cultivations in unexplored sub-seafloor ridge flank and continental margin environments
Geochemical controls on organic carbon quantity and quality in the deep subsurface DMP_Estes_Hansel_C-DEBI.pdf (91.5 KB)
Identifying the controls on biological activity in serpentinites
Identifying the Mechanisms and Limits of the Microbial Enhancement of Olivine Dissolution
Investigating a mysterious ammonium flux and its relation to the microbial community DMP_D'Hondt_OCE-0939564.pdf (51.81 KB)
Investigating microbial activities driving organic matter transformations in the deep subsurface
Investigations into the diversity and function of active microbial subpopulations in Atlantis Massif oceanic crust
IODP Expedition 336- Mid-Atlantic Ridge Microbiology
Lau Basin low temperature geomicrobiology
Metagenomic analysis of microbial CpG methylation in Delaware estuarine riverbank sediment
Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analysis of the Tonga Trench: a comparative study of microbial diversity and metabolic potential from surface waters to below seafloor
Metagenomic signatures in seafloor rocks and subsurface sediments: East Pacific Rise and Loihi Seamount
Microbial activity in oxygenated subseafloor sediment
Microbial carbon cycling beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Microbiology and biogeochemistry of Juan de Fuca Ridge flank borehole fluids
Novel peptidases in subsurface sediments: Activities and substrate specificities
Oceanic Basement Subsurface Ecosystem: Research on Viral Ecology and Diversity
Passing electrons through marine sediments: Cultivation and characterization of microbes that utilize extracellular electron transports
Phosphorus cycling in ridge-flank sediments
Potential phosphorus uptake mechanisms of the deep sedimentary biosphere
Primary productivity in young, oxic oceanic crust: rates of activity and autotrophic groups in subsurface and seafloor-exposed basalts from North Pond, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Probing subseafloor microbial interactions via hydrothermal vent fluids: A focus on protists
Proteomic profiling of neutrophilic, iron-oxidizing Mariprofundus ferrooxydans, strain PV-1
Quantifying biological production of ethane and propane in deep subsurface sediments DMP_Joye_Sibert_C-DEBI.pdf (91.52 KB)
Quantifying the contribution of the deep biosphere in the marine sediment carbon cycle using deep-sea sediment cores from the Baltic Sea DMP_20140122_KarenGLloyd.pdf (98.83 KB)
Studying genomic and population biology of dehalogenating Chloroflexi in deep sea sediments by single cell sorting and single cell genome amplification
Subseafloor prokaryotic and viral communities and interactions in anoxic marine basins: a case study from a 3000-year old stratigraphic succession
The Dorado Outcrop low-temperature ridge flank environment
The Effect of Methane on Microbial Community Distributions in the Ulleung Basin
Uncovering novel mechanisms of extracellular electron uptake in subsurface-relevant marine bacterial isolates DMP_Rowe_OCE-0939564.pdf (97.72 KB)
Viral genetic richness and functions that shape the microbial community at the Juan de Fuca Ridge
Working around drilling contamination in deep cores: Costa Rica Margin DMP_Martino_OCE-0939564.pdf (91.5 KB)
World-wide exploration of microbial eukaryote diversity and activity in the marine subsurface
Datasets funded by this award