Dataset: Niskin bottle samples
Deployment: HG93_CARIACO

CARIACO time series Niskin bottle sample data
Lead Principal Investigator: 
Dr Frank Muller-Karger (University of South Florida, USF)
Laura Lorenzoni (University of South Florida, USF)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Theresa McKee (University of South Florida, USF)
Current State: 
Final with updates expected
19 August 2010
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Version Date: 

CARIACO time series Niskin bottle sample data

 dates:           08 November 1995 - ongoing
 location:        CARIACO station, Cariaco Basin (10.5 N, 64.67 W) 
 project/cruise:  CARIACO/cruises 001 - ongoing
 platform:        R/V Hermano Gines

 Methodology published at CARIACO site
 CARIACO Field Program general description

Change history:

04202016: data through cruise 221 processed and updated by

091215: data through cruise 221 submitted by Laura Lorenzoni; not yet online
140814: data through cruise 210 contributed by Laura Lorenzoni; processed and updated by
130523: data through cruise 196 contributed by Laura Lorenzoni; measurements of total particulate phosphorus and particulate inorganic phosphorus were added. Nitrate plus Nitrate replaced Nitrite. Master bottle file updated by
120525: data through cruise 184 contributed by Laura Lorenzoni; Master bottle data file processed by (OCB DMO)
060303: data contributed by Laura Lorenzoni, CARIACO Data Manager (IMaRS, USF); Master bottle data file added to database by (OCB DMO)
070420: replaced by new Master bottle data file.
080107: added rough position data (lon and lat); and link to actual position data file
090925: updated with new Master bottle data file (May 2009 cruise).
100819: bad data record for cruise 93 depth 160 adjusted; all data in columns right of Alkalinity replaced with correct values
101101: added bottle data record for cruise 93 depth 200 and columns for the quality flag (_Q) parameter names that will accompany the next Niskin bottle update
101105: Niskin bottle data set reloaded from the CARIACO master bottle Excel file; new version includes quality flag codes for all measurements, additional data for cruises 144-156 and data from new cruises 157-168


Detailed position data for Niskin bottle casts is here.

Notes about parameter names:
_Cumana suffix indicates that analysis was done at Universidad de Oriente, Institutio Oceanograficode Venezuela (IOV), Cumana, Venezuela
_USF suffix indicates that analysis was done at University of South Florida, College of Marine Science, St. Petersburg, FL

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