Funding Source: NSF Division of Environmental Biology (NSF DEB)

Dataset Award Number
accessory transects DEB-1350146
Coral and macroalgae abundance and distribution DEB-1350146
coral community structure fig 2 coral cover DEB-1350146
coral community structure fig 2 mortality and growth DEB-1350146
coral community structure fig 3 DEB-1350146
coral community structure fig 4 DEB-1350146
coral community structure fig S2 DEB-1350146
coral cover and environmental DEB-1350146
Coral cover data DEB-1350146
ctenophore observations DEB-1542679
Descriptions of hurricanes affecting St. John DEB-1350146
Distribution of sea fans DEB-1350146
Environmental data DEB-1350146
Fire coral - mean density DEB-1350146
Fire coral colonies DEB-1350146
Fire coral distance DEB-1350146
Growth and mortality DEB-1350146
Growth over time DEB-1350146
Kd averages DEB-1350146
Light intensity at depth DEB-1350146
MEPS Edmunds Lasker Community Structure DEB-1350146
MEPS Edmunds Lasker Fig 2 DEB-1350146
MEPS Edmunds Lasker Physical Data DEB-1350146
octocoral - sp. abundance and distribution DEB-1350146
Octocoral abundance by genera DEB-1350146
octocoral density dependence DEB-1350146
octocoral survey - densities DEB-1350146
octocoral survey - literature review DEB-1350146
octocoral survey - photoquadrats vs. in situ DEB-1350146
OTU and Sequences DEB-1350146
Peyssonnelia abundance DEB-1350146
pooled random sites (PRS) DEB-1350146
pyrosequencing clade DEB-1350146
Rainfall and surface light intensity DEB-1350146
Rainfall and temperature data DEB-1350146
Realized and potential growth DEB-1350146
ROV CTD profiles DEB-1542679
Sea fans - nearest neighbor DEB-1350146
Sites and symbionts DEB-1350146
Species growth DEB-1350146
Taxonomic data DEB-1350146
yawzi point and tektite DEB-1350146